Heres an interesting photo of a car that was at MP’s shop the other day..

Dodge Neon SRT4 DESIGN

Heres an interesting photo.. For those of you 00-05 Neon fans, and 03-05 Neon SRT-4 fans, what car is this.. ?

Some of you might say 00-05 Neon..

Some of you might say 03-05 SRT-4.

ITS A TRICK question! This car is technically neither! Its whats called a 03-05 Neon SRT4 DESIGN. These are SUPER RARE, and this ones modified too!

The Neon SRT4 design, was a car built on the 03-05 Neon platform, with a Neon SRT4 style front bumper, SRT4 style hood, a dual exit exhaust, and a SRT4 rear spoiler. It had the regular 2.0 motor, and was otherwise a regular 03-05 Neon with a new bumper, hood and spoiler.

I rarely ever see these, and I think Ive only seen 3 total, EVER. This particular customer did his best job of converting his car over to a real SRT4, and he swapped the SRT4 brakes over, along with the entire Neon SRT-4 engine ,and transmission from a crashed SRT-4 into his Neon SRT4 design.

Hes also put on a carbon fiber hood designed for a 03-05 Neon SRT4, but because the hood line is different from the Neon SRT4 design bumper the hood didnt line up perfectly with his bumper. Also, he didnt install the Neon SRT4 side skirts so his car looks a lot like a hybrid Neon/Neon SRT-4.

Also, some of you may wonder what front lip he has on his car. He took a 03-05 Neon MOPAR accesory front lip (now discontinued, no more available) and installed it onto his Neon SRT4 front bumper..

Hope you guys enjoyed this tidbit of information on this super rare model of Neon..

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