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SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon Part 12

In part 11 of our SRT4 swap into a 1995 Neon we discussed ABS pump and mounting it into the Neon.

Here we have the SRT4 torque mount/Power steering bracket. Most Neon owners that do a SRT4 swap just use the 2.4 Stratus engine mount swap adapter and eliminate this bracket altogether. The problem with doing that, is that you cant use a upper torque mount to secure the engine in place, nor will you have power steering if you eliminate this bracket.

So, we have taken the nut that goes on the inside of the bracket, and we have measured and found that the point in which we could use our Neon passenger side mount and bolt along with this bracket.

The nut that our passenger side motor mount bolt will attach onto fits perfectly into the webbing on the backside of the SRT4 power steering/torque mount brace.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon Part 9

In our previous installment of our SRT4 swap series we showed you the differences between a lot of Neon and SRT4 components.

Now onto the fuel tank. I wanted to use the SRT4 fuel tank, SRT4 fuel pump, and SRT4 fuel lines. The tanks are very similar, except the angle of the fuel inlet, and the SRT4 straps tie down in a slightly different spot. Here we have the SRT4 fuel tank on top, and the Neon fuel tank on bottom.

Neon fuel tank on top, SRT4 fuel tank on bottom.

Because the SRT4 fuel tank is larger, the straps wouldnt tie down to the Neon.

So, we have taken some 1/4 inch steel plate, drilled it, and used these to extend out the mounting points for the fuel tank straps.

Heres the tank installed with the 1/4 inch plate along with a large spacer.

Now, the angle of the fuel filler necks are different between both cars so we eventually install a SRT4 fuel filler neck to use with the SRT4 fuel tank. This photo shows the Neon fuel filler neck and the SRT4 fuel tank. Notice the difference in angles on the inlet.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon Part 8

In part 7 of our SRT4 swap series we discussed clutch pedal modifications that had to be made to put SRT4 clutch pedal assemblies into a Neon.

Comparison of expansion valves. The SRT4 expansion valve is on top of the strut mount. They are identical except the electrical connection is on the top instead of on the bottom (Neon).

SRT4 AC lines and dryer is installed into the Neon, as you can see the angles of the AC lines are offset further away from the strut mount.

Neon AC lines and dryer.

Rear SRT4 hubs, rotors and calipers are swapped onto the rear.

Pedal assemblies are reinstalled.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon Part 7

Previously in our SRT4 swap series into a 1995 Neon we talked about steering column and clutch pedal placements.

Neon steering column mount on the left, SRT4 on the right.

Under the dash, some of the sheet metal needs to be cut for the pedal assemblies to fit.

In these photos you’ll see that we will be using the Neon upper mounting plate for the pedals, but we are using the SRT4 pedal assemblies. So, some work has to be done to cut, and modify the SRT4 pedal assembly and then weld the Neon upper mounting plate onto it.

Reinforcing the pedal assembly.

Heres the SRT4 pedal assembly with the Neon upper mounting plate welded onto it.

Brake booster is now attached in the engine bay and attached onto the brake pedal.

Mounting plate for the bobble strut is now cut off as we wont be needing it anymore.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 5

Previously in our SRT4 swap series we showed you the stock 1995 Neons 2.4 motor swap.

Teardown of the Neon dash.

Comparison of the clutch pedal assemblies. SRT4 on the left, Neon on the right. Because the SRT4 transmission is hydraulically operated, and not like the Neon transmission which is cable operated, the exact placement and location of the clutch pedal pivot is crucial. If the clutch pedal angle, or pivot point was off, it would affect the clutch engagement. So, the SRT4 factory clutch pedal assembly was used.

Here we are inside the Neon, looking at the large circular area that the brake booster attaches onto with four bolts. On the left you see a red circle that is the area we need to drill a hole for the clutch master cylinder.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 2

Previously, in part 1 we showed you photos of the 1995 Neon that we were doing the swap onto. Now, lets show you some photos of the donor SRT4 .

Here are photos of the donor car for the swap. This is a Salvage title 2004 Dodge SRT4 with 65,000 miles. It was involved in several accidents and has had some frame damage. Because it ran well, but had a beat up exterior it made for a perfect donor car for our swap. Although it looks good in these photos, theres LOTS of bondo, and nasty repair work hiding under the paint.

Heres the business end of the donor SRT4.

The roof had cracks from the huge amounts of bondo expanding and contracting under the paint.

Interior shot.

SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 1

Ok, for those of you who are familiar with my 1995 Dodge Neon Nitro Yellow Green ACR, you can skip ahead. For those of you who arent familiar with the history of this car, heres a primer for you.

I found this car in a junkyard way back in June of 2006. It was a shell of a car, with a busted up interior, no engine/transmission and it wasnt far away from being crushed. The shell was in great shape with no major damage though, and it was a GENUINE ACR Nitro Yellow Green Neon!

Heres pictures of how I found the shell in the junkyard.

(Past thread on with the full history on this car is here: [url][/url]

Now, after buying the shell, piecing together the interior, suspension, I built up a 2.0 Magnum High Compression Sohc motor to play around with. I was able to get 160 horsepower and about 138 lbs of torque at the wheels out of that motor. It ran fine, but I needed more power so eventually I put in a high compression 2.4 motor out of a Dodge Stratus. With tuning, I was able to get a peak of 190 hp and 170 lbs of torque at the wheels. It felt great, but eventually I needed more power.

Thats how I decided to do a complete SRT4 swap. I wanted to have a solid 250+ horsepower at the wheels with the next motor combination, and the SRT4 motor could easily produce 250-300 horsepower at the wheels. I wanted it to be extremely reliable, be able to pass emissions tests, and be incredibly solid.

Tomorrow – photos of the donor car and teardown..

Temporarily stopping of photo posting of Neon SRT4 swap..

For those of you following the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon Ive got some bad news and some good news.

BAD NEWS: We’re stopping posting photos of the swap progress for a little while. Why you may ask ? Well, we have WAY WAY too many photos, and its going to take some time to organize it all, and post it.

GOOD NEWS: We’re making EXCELLENT progress with the swap car, and we’re not stopping! Just hang in there with us, we promise we’ll be posting the photos of our swap project soon.

Swapped AC blower assembly and worked on Clutch master cylinder

Quite a bit of progress was made on the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon in the last few days.

First off, the entire AC blower assembly was removed out of the Neon SRT4 and swapped into the 95 Neon.

Secondly, the most difficult part of this swap, figuring out how to convert the 95 Neon from a cable operated setup to a hydraulic clutch cable system was finalized.

You see, most people who do a  Neon SRT4 swap into their 95-99 Neon will keep their 95-99 Neon transmission, and cable operated system in place to keep everything simple. The problem with using the Neon transmission though, is that it isnt made to handle 250-300 foot lbs of torque. So, eventually the Neon transmission will fail.

So, in order to make the hydraulic system work, you have to either:

-Figure out a way to get the Neon SRT4 pedal system into your Neon, and make the clutch master cylinder work with it (our method)

-Weld a tab onto your Neon pedal assembly, and find a place to put your clutch master cylinder (one neon enthusiast cut up the steel around the wiper motor and placed his clutch master cylinder there, another neon enthusiast we saw who did the swap  put the clutch master cylinder in the driver side wheel well.)

-Try to figure out some sort of system that will allow you to use your Neon cable system that will somehow actuate the clutch master cylinder.

Our preferred method was to use the SRT4 pedal system, and the SRT4 clutch master cylinder. So, measurements were taken, the SRT4 pedals were installed into the Neon to test fit it and mock it up. We found that the clutch master cylinder could work if holes were cut (see photos below).

95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder
95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder

A LOT of work is ahead, but frankly, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder conversion was the one thing I was really worred about.Im glad a simple modification to the firewall was all that was needed, and I hope if this works out, that it will make it easier for other 95-99 Neon enthusiasts to use the SRT4 transmission.

Drove the 04 SRT4 and the 95 NYG Neon to the mechanics shop to start the swap..

It was time to bring the 04 SRT4 donor car and the 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon over to the mechanic shop where the swap would take place.

I snapped this photo in route to the mechanics shop.
95 Neon NYG with 04 SRT4 in side view mirror

This photo may not be too impressive graphically, however, its the last photo I ever took of the SRT4 donor car driving under its own power, and the last photo I ever took driving the 95 Neon with the 2.4 all motor engine platform.

After both cars arrived at the mechanics shop less than 1 mile later after this photo, it was a matter of time before both were dissasembled to start the swap.

Time to dissasemble the dash of the donor SRT-4

Its time to begin the hard work. Removing the dashboard, and removing the wiring from the dash to make it easier to pull later.  Im going to remove enough of the dash, so that I can still drive the car to the workshop.

First off, heres a tip for those of you that might someday want to remove your dashboard, or at least the dash topper. Theres two screws, one on each side of the dash thats accesible after you open the doors. Then, there are two hidden screws in the main defroster vent that you need a small stubby screwdriver to reach. Im only posting this, because it can be hard to find where these are, especially if you have not done this before.

Removing Dash top of 2004 Neon SRT-4

After removing what feels like 100-150 screws, bolts, multiple steel reinforcement brackets, the passenger airbag, and lots of plastic panels, this is what you’ll have.

Caption: Uh, No officer, I have no idea how fast I was going.

Removing Dash top of 2004 Neon SRT-4

Still need to remove the air conditioning blower assembly. Otherwise, the dash is completely stripped.

Removing Dash top of 2004 Neon SRT-4

The donor car is a salvage car, due to a heavy hit on the passenger side. Look at this sheet metal, it is slightly bent because the body shop didnt straighten this out enough.

The car was hit so hard, the doors were crushed in, and the entire dash shifted to the left, breaking off some of the tabs holding the AC blower assembly in place. Amazing!

Bondo'd door jam of Salvage Title 2004 Neon SRT-4

Lord only knows how much bondo is caked onto this twisted up sheetmetal here.

Salvage title 2004 Neon SRT-4

Wait a second.. Why is the paint cracking here.. Is it because its got several pounds of bondo underneath the paint that has expanded and contracted in the Texas heat ? Naaah.

Salvage title 2004 Neon SRT-4
Next up: Remove the AC blower assembly.

We put our SRT4 donor car on the dyno to see how well the engine is running..

Today we took our SRT-4 donor car and put it on a dyno see how much power it would put down at the wheels.

Now, keep in mind, that here in Houston, Texas it was about 105 degrees, and about 80% humidity, so it hot, and sticky. Humans dont like high temperatures or humidity, and turbo motors dont like high temperatures or humidity.

Neon SRT-4 on the Dyno

Because the SRT-4 had a set of factory wires that had to be at least 5 years old, we decided to try out a new set of wires and toss in some new spark plugs.

Heres the new NGK Iridium plugs versus the older NGK R plugs. We strongly prefer the Iridium plugs over any other sort of plug, and Iridiums run very well in Neon SRT4’s. We gapped the Iridium plugs to 38 thousandths before installing them.
NGK Iridium Plugs versus NGK R plugs for 2004 Neon SRT4

Here are the new Granatelli Spark Plug Wires versus the older factory wires.
Granatelli wires versus Factory OEM wires for the 2004 Neon SRT4

Here is a photo with the Granatelli wires installed on our SRT4
Granatelli Spark Plug Wires for the Dodge SRT-4

After installing the new Granatelli wires and Ngk Iridium plugs, we decided to flash the stock pcm with a Diablosport Predator for kicks on the dyno.

Heres the results: Stock 207 hp, new plugs and wires 216 hp, and after flashing our pcm with the Diablosport Predator the horsepower was 228 at the wheels. With the heat, and mixed 89/93 octane gas we had some detonation above 5000 rpms.


Red-New Granatelli wires and NGK Iridium plugs

Green- New Granatelli wires, NGK Iridium plugs, and Diablosport Predator flash

Dodge Neon SRT4 Dyno - Stock, NGK Iridium Plugs, Granatelli Wires, Diablosport Predator

Heres the Torque Dynosheet. Here you can see we picked up quite a bit of torque across the board. Torque falls off pretty fast on the top end, due to detonation causing the factory pcm to pull back timing, as well as the stock intake, downpipe, and 2.25 inch exhaust choking off the top end power.

Pretty impressive dyno results for a bone stock SRT-4 with a Diablosport Predator flash isnt it ? If we had intake, exhaust, wastegate actuator we would have been somewhere in the 250-260 horsepower range if not more!


Red-New Granatelli wires and NGK Iridium plugs

Green- New Granatelli wires, NGK Iridium plugs, and Diablosport Predator flash
Dodge Neon SRT4 Dyno - Stock, NGK Iridium Plugs, Granatelli Wires, Diablosport Predator

Time to start stripping the interior out of the donor car..

Time to start stripping the interior out of the donor car for our SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon !

Heres are some photos of the interior before it was stripped. Here you can see that the car was delivered to us with 2000-2005 Neon seats and not the super cool Viper style seats.
Neon SRT4 swap, Donor car interior stripping
Neon SRT4 swap, Donor car interior stripping

About an hour and half later, most of the carpet, and interior paneling is gone. We cant strip out all of the interior, and seats though, because we will need to drive the car to our workshop where the swap will be done.

Neon SRT4 swap, Donor car interior stripping
Neon SRT4 swap, Donor car interior stripping