Swapped AC blower assembly and worked on Clutch master cylinder

Quite a bit of progress was made on the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon in the last few days.

First off, the entire AC blower assembly was removed out of the Neon SRT4 and swapped into the 95 Neon.

Secondly, the most difficult part of this swap, figuring out how to convert the 95 Neon from a cable operated setup to a hydraulic clutch cable system was finalized.

You see, most people who do a  Neon SRT4 swap into their 95-99 Neon will keep their 95-99 Neon transmission, and cable operated system in place to keep everything simple. The problem with using the Neon transmission though, is that it isnt made to handle 250-300 foot lbs of torque. So, eventually the Neon transmission will fail.

So, in order to make the hydraulic system work, you have to either:

-Figure out a way to get the Neon SRT4 pedal system into your Neon, and make the clutch master cylinder work with it (our method)

-Weld a tab onto your Neon pedal assembly, and find a place to put your clutch master cylinder (one neon enthusiast cut up the steel around the wiper motor and placed his clutch master cylinder there, another neon enthusiast we saw who did the swap  put the clutch master cylinder in the driver side wheel well.)

-Try to figure out some sort of system that will allow you to use your Neon cable system that will somehow actuate the clutch master cylinder.

Our preferred method was to use the SRT4 pedal system, and the SRT4 clutch master cylinder. So, measurements were taken, the SRT4 pedals were installed into the Neon to test fit it and mock it up. We found that the clutch master cylinder could work if holes were cut (see photos below).

95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder
95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder

A LOT of work is ahead, but frankly, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder conversion was the one thing I was really worred about.Im glad a simple modification to the firewall was all that was needed, and I hope if this works out, that it will make it easier for other 95-99 Neon enthusiasts to use the SRT4 transmission.

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