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Photos of final 2.4 Cam gears installed on SRT4 motor

For those of you who are following our MPx 2.4 cam gear project, heres an update!

We have taken the cam gears and installed them onto our SRT4 motor we are swapping into a 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon ACR.

They fit great, look great, and most importantly, because of the latest revision, they are stronger than any other cam gear design. So,
if your concerned about cracking cam gears like some SRT4 owners have had, this shouldnt be a concern with the MPx 2.4 cam gears!

Here are some of the benefits of these cam gears over other brand 2.4 cam gears.

– Solid inner design means great strength, no having to worry about spokes breaking or cracking.
– These were designed so that you can use the factory plastic timing cover
– These were designed so that you DO NOT HAVE TO TRIM THE MOTOR MOUNT (unlike Fidanza)

Here are some photos of the cam gears installed.

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

Link to the other threads showing prototype cam gears, and revision of the design:

We made a revision to the prototype 2.4 Cam Gears to strengthen them further

After posting some photos of our prototype 2.4 Cam gears we are designing for use with the 2.4 03-05 Dodge SRT4 and the 95-01 Dodge Stratus/Pt Cruiser with the 2.4 motor, we got feedback from some customers that they were concerned about installing cam gears on their cars due to failures of other brands of cam gears.

So, even though we had done some stress testing and failure analysis testing of our cam gears that showed there would be no problems, we decided to make our cam gears even stronger to put everyone at ease.

First off, we scrapped all of the inner sections that were already built for the 2.4 cam gear production. This is pretty costly to do, but we want customers who are considering the cam gears to have 100% faith in the strength of the cam gears.

So, here’s a photo of all of our machined cam gear inner sections in the recycle aluminum container at our machine shop.

Heres the revision we have come up with of our prototype cam gears. We have designed the cam gear so that the slots are only cut 40% into the thickness of the cam gear. This is a great design, because the cam gear is essentially a solid cam gear, however you have the look of a slotted cam gear, and the weight of the cam gear is reduced by the unnecessary aluminum being cut out.

MPx 2.4 SRT4/Stratus Cam Gear revision 2

We plan on having our full production run finished by next week, and we will test fit/take photos and make a follow up post then.

Temporarily stopping of photo posting of Neon SRT4 swap..

For those of you following the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon Ive got some bad news and some good news.

BAD NEWS: We’re stopping posting photos of the swap progress for a little while. Why you may ask ? Well, we have WAY WAY too many photos, and its going to take some time to organize it all, and post it.

GOOD NEWS: We’re making EXCELLENT progress with the swap car, and we’re not stopping! Just hang in there with us, we promise we’ll be posting the photos of our swap project soon.

Photo of prototype MPx 2.4 Cam Gears for 03-05 SRT4 and 2.4 Stratus/Breeze/PT Cruiser motors

MPx 2.4 Cam Gear for 03-05 Dodge SRT4 and 2.4 Stratus/Breeze

Feast your eyes on the prototype MPx 2.4 Cam gear for the 03-05 SRT4, 95-99 Dodge Stratus/Breeze/01-07 Pt Cruiser and GT Cruiser.

After dealing with some quality issues with various cam gears, and long delays with some manufacturers, we decided to step up to the plate.

We took aim with three goals in mind 1) Improve on the quality of the cam gears currently in the market. 2) Improve on the pricing of the cam gear sets for the SRT4/Stratus/Breeze/Pt Cruiser and 3) Improve on the availability of the cam gears in the market. We cannot accept manufacturers being out of stock of cam gears for 1.5 – 3 months!


We designed these cam gears to be ULTRA STRONG – you cant see it in the photo above, but the center section of the cam gear is ultra thick and strong. Also, whereas some cam gear manufacturers use locking systems with thin aluminum inner sections, we designed ours with thick inner sections that the adjustment screws thread into. We improved on the track where the adjustment bolt rides on by making it extra wide, and using bolts with extra wide heads for superior strength. Lastly, we use grade 8 bolts for the adjustment screws, and we anodize all of the wear surfaces and aluminum machined surfaces with a hard coat for protection and durability.


We designed the cam gear to look great, when its moving, and or when its sitting still.


Youll be amazed at the affordable price for this great looking, super strong pair of cam gears!

We’ll update you when these become available in the next week or two!

Swapped AC blower assembly and worked on Clutch master cylinder

Quite a bit of progress was made on the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon in the last few days.

First off, the entire AC blower assembly was removed out of the Neon SRT4 and swapped into the 95 Neon.

Secondly, the most difficult part of this swap, figuring out how to convert the 95 Neon from a cable operated setup to a hydraulic clutch cable system was finalized.

You see, most people who do a  Neon SRT4 swap into their 95-99 Neon will keep their 95-99 Neon transmission, and cable operated system in place to keep everything simple. The problem with using the Neon transmission though, is that it isnt made to handle 250-300 foot lbs of torque. So, eventually the Neon transmission will fail.

So, in order to make the hydraulic system work, you have to either:

-Figure out a way to get the Neon SRT4 pedal system into your Neon, and make the clutch master cylinder work with it (our method)

-Weld a tab onto your Neon pedal assembly, and find a place to put your clutch master cylinder (one neon enthusiast cut up the steel around the wiper motor and placed his clutch master cylinder there, another neon enthusiast we saw who did the swap  put the clutch master cylinder in the driver side wheel well.)

-Try to figure out some sort of system that will allow you to use your Neon cable system that will somehow actuate the clutch master cylinder.

Our preferred method was to use the SRT4 pedal system, and the SRT4 clutch master cylinder. So, measurements were taken, the SRT4 pedals were installed into the Neon to test fit it and mock it up. We found that the clutch master cylinder could work if holes were cut (see photos below).

95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder
95 Neon with a SRT4 clutch master cylinder

A LOT of work is ahead, but frankly, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder conversion was the one thing I was really worred about.Im glad a simple modification to the firewall was all that was needed, and I hope if this works out, that it will make it easier for other 95-99 Neon enthusiasts to use the SRT4 transmission.

Teardown of both car’s interior, and motor for the swap

Its time to start the teardown of both cars. The motor, interiors will be pulled in preparation of the swap.
Lots of photos are being taken in this stage, measurements are being made of the engine bays to measure clearances as well.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 donor car’s dash is completely removed, steering column removed.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Both the 2.4 all motor engine with transmission, and the SRT4 motor with transmission are pulled at this point and sitting near the rear of the Neon.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Its pretty scary to see the entire Neon dash torn apart.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 engine/trans on the left, old engine/trans platform (2.4 all motor) on the right.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

The new powerplant. This should give at *LEAST* 35 more horsepower at the wheels, and about 50 lbs of torque MORE than the older engine (power quoted at the wheels, not at the engine!) It will be fairly easy to produce 70 more horsepower and about 100 lbs of torque more at the wheels than the older setup with the SRT4 motor. That will make a HUGE difference in such a light car as the 95 Neon.

Future home of the 04 SRT4 motor and transmission.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Piles of Neon and SRT4 parts are all around.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

95-99 Neon Enthusiasts will recognize a lot of the parts in this pile.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

One of our two mechanics who are making this project happen. This is Fuey (pronounced Foo EE) who is one of the best fabricators /installers in Houston.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Decided on a new engine/setup for the 95 NYG ACR..

The 95 NYG ACR posted in this blog a few times originally started as a shell found in a junkyard, then had a built up sohc 2.0 motor, then a 2.0 magnum motor installed, and lastly had a 2.4 Dohc motor swapped into it.

Its been running great for the longest time, and has provided PLENTY of power for lots of fun.

However, I cant leave good alone, and have decided that Im going to do a complete 03-05 Neon SRT-4 swap into the 95 Neon. Id like to take the entire  pcm, harness, transmission, engine, COMPLETE setup and swap it into the 95 Neon.

Its going to be a massive undertaking, first of which Ill have to start off with a 03-05 SRT-4 donor car. I hope to find a complete car at a auction that has the complete engine, transmission, harness, pcm, braking system, steering column intact for the swap.

For those of you who’d like to find out more about this swap, I invite you to visit www.neons.org in the engine swap section where quite a few people have already undertaken this swap with great results!

Heres a picture of DAjokerz 1995 Neon NYG with SRT-4 swap posted on Neons.org

95 Neon with SRT-4 motor swap