1995-99 Neon/03-05 SRT4 – Bad idle, vacuum leak engine light popping up on your dash after installing big cams?

We received an email from a customer the other day after he installed Crower stage 4 cams in his 1995 Dodge Neon with 2.0 motor.

Purchased the 3/4 crower racing camshafts. Besides the springs and retainers
is there any other mods that have to be done. Car starts but has trouble
idleing. Code comes up for vaccum leak. Not sure if due to the camshafts.
What else would I have to do to get to idle right? Does the idle have to be
at a certain range? The specs say range 2000-7500.”

So, to summarize, the customer installed stage 4 camshafts, and has a poor idle, and a check engine light showing there is a vacuum leak. This is normal with bigger camshafts.

So, the next question you probably have is, how do I fix this?

Well, if you want a good idle, but yet still want that awesome top end power, then you need a set of our Rhoads lifters. These start off as a set of brand new Mopar lifters that are modified by Rhoads so that you have great idle, but also great top end power. These are modified in such a way that they are soft at low rpms but firm up at high rpms. This is the perfect solution for big cam guys!

Rhoads lifters
Rhoads lifters

Furthermore, one added benefit, is that when your pcm sees low vacuum, it thinks that you are driving, and it adds fuel to the mixture. This makes your car run even richer, and run poorer. After adding the Rhoads lifters, you pull more vacuum, and you get a leaner air fuel at idle, closer to what it should be. This allows your car to run smoother, waste less fuel at idle.

Check out this video:

For more information click on the photo of the Rhoads lifters to jump to our product page.

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