1995 Dodge/Plymouth Neon Nitro Yellow Green production numbers

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Nitro Production Numbers

Total Dodge 4-dr base: 26,614
Sum of all colors except Nitro: 26,592
This seems to say that there were 22 Dodge Nitro ACR 4-dr built for US sale…

Total Plymouth 4-dr base: 20,065
All colors except Nitro: 20,049
Plymouth Nitro ACR 4-dr: 16

Total Dodge Coupe Highline: 18,577
All colors except Nitro: 18,479
Dodge Nitro ACR Coupes: 98

Total Plymouth Coupe Highline: 15,403 All colors except Nitro: 15,340
Plymouth Nitro ACR Coupes: 63

NOTE: I was able to assume that all the Nitro Base and Highline Neons were
ACRs because Nitro was only available on Sport and ACR.

Total Dodge 4-dr Sport: 17,238
All colors except Nitro: 16,976
Dodge Nitro 4-dr Sport: 262

Total Plymouth 4-dr Sport: 13,637
All colors except Nitro: 13,431
Plymouth Nitro 4-dr Sport: 206

Total Dodge Coupe Sport: 11,766
All colors except Nitro: 11,239
Dodge Nitro Coupe Sport: 527

Total Plymouth Coupe Sport: 9,301
All colors except Nitro: 8,896
Plymouth Nitro Coupe Sport: 405

From these numbers, I get a grand total of:

034 Nitro-Yellow ACR Sedans – ( note: should be 22+16=38 )
161 Nitro-Yellow ACR Coupes
468 Nitro-Yellow Sport Sedans
932 Nitro-Yellow Sport Coupes
1595 total NYG Neons produced ( note: should be 1599 with above correction )

Other fascinating facts:

Dodge ACR 4-dr Brilliant Blue: 29
Plymouth ACR 4-dr Brilliant Blue: 21
NOTE: I was only able to determine this because Brilliant Blue
was not available on the base model without ACR.


Dodge 4-dr Sport w/leather interior: 233
Plymouth 4-dr Sport w/leather interior: 164
Dodge Coupe Sport w/leather interior: 208
Plymouth Coupe Sport w/leather interior: 185

Dodge 4-dr Sport w/flash interior: Driftwood 188; Quartz 617 Plymouth 4-dr Sport w/flash: Driftwood 202; Quartz 484
Dodge Coupe Sport w/flash: Driftwood 332; Quartz 1437 Plymouth Coupe Sport w/flash: Driftwood 291; Quartz 1074

WARNING: The above numbers are for the US market only!

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