Charles worked/restored another 97 Neon with 2.4 swap.

Our employee Charles bought a 97 Neon Expresso coupe from a local friend of ours.

This car was originally from San Antonio, and built with a 2001/2002 PT Cruiser 2.4 engine with 2.0 Neon cams.

This car is built with stock internals, stock header and exhaust but is using the MPx power steering bracket, its got AC as well. One thing you have to know about using 2.4’s from the PT Cruiser if you are swapping into the 95-99 Neon , will be shown below.

The Dodge Neon 2.0 bolt pattern for the intake and exhaust manifold is different than the PT Cruiser and SRT-4. So because we are using a 2.0 intake manifold on a PT head, the bolt pattern had to be redrilled on the head and manifold. See below.

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