Comparing carpet samples for 95-99 Neon Carpet project.

So, we are continuing to work on offering a first gen Neon carpet replacement.
We are working with a well known carpet manufacturer that already produces replacement carpet.
However, we are not happy with the color of carpet that they offer for the 95-96 Neon. The carpet they offer is a bluish gray color which match in our opinion.

Please see picture below. What we are looking at, is the carpet produced by the manufacturer on the bottom.Then, on top we have a set of 1995 Neon oem NEW mats sealed in plastic. Then on top of the new oem mats, we have four carpet samples. We believe #2 is best matched to the original 95-96 carpet. Now, some of you may think that #4 is closest to the oem 95-96 carpet, but in person the #4 sample is way too light.

The #1 sample appears to be the closest match to the 97-99 Neon carpet, but we’ll have more on that later. We’re getting some more OEM carpets to match up to these and we’ll post more photos later.


Written by Modern Performance

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