Diablosport handheld tuner continues to impress with the 08-09 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

We decided to dyno test a local customers car with the Diablosport Intune handheld tuner on a 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

This customer had a MPx downpipe, MPx rear muffler and that was it. No other mods!

We already knew we would gain nice power and torque but we were impressed with what we saw on the dyno.

Peak numbers changed by 19.4hp, and 63.2 lbs of torque. At 5700 rpms there was a gain of roughly 32 wheel hp.
On the bottom end, at 3500 rpms torque increased by just about 50 lbs of torque.

This translates into a difference you can feel, and much more fun. Most impressive is that its so easy to use. Buy the tuner from Modern Performance, load the flash onto your Caliber SRT4 within minutes and your done. Its that simple.

Now, onto the before and after dyno pictures. For more information on the Diablosport Intune for the Caliber SRT4, simply click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

Before dyno chart:
Diablosport Intune for Caliber SRT4

After dyno chart:
Diablosport Intune for Caliber SRT4

Written by Modern Performance

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