Diablosport Intune now available for Neon SRT4. Pics and explanation

If you own a Neon SRT4 and want a way to tune your pcm to make more power, the Predator was the established way to do it in 2009/2010/2011. But for 2012+ Diablosport is using the Intune which has a host of cool features plus a new smaller size.

Difference in size between the old Predator and the new Intune
Diablosport Predator vs Intune


The inTune is the latest piece of tuning hardware from Diablosport. This unit is designed to be smaller and easier to use than the Predator. It has touchscreen interface so the buttons and controls will change depending on what you are currently working on. No more fumbling through with arrow buttons! If you have a stock turbo SRT-4, this unit can have a “canned” tune uploaded to your car in minutes! It also functions as a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) reader and code scrubber. Unlike past units the inTune also features 1 gigabyte of storage space so there’s plenty of room for tunes and data logging.


-Universal diagnostic tool-use on any OBD2 vehicle
-Free automatic online updates for life
-Stainless steel construction
-Drag and drop file transfers (tunes, updates, etc..)
-Dual processors and over one gig of memory
-Fastest programming available
-Only full color touch screen available for under $400
-Removable cables for simple storage
-External sensor inputs (0-5v analog devices)
-Virtually unlimited custom tunes (based on memory)
-Fits in your pocket smaller then your average cellphone
-Most adjustable parameters on the market
-Preloaded with multiple tunes for each application
-Features DiabloSports “vehicle protocol engine”
-Inculdes Mileage Booster and Throttle Booster
-Warranty safe-no watermarks, fingerprints or counters
-Virtually unlimited data logging (based on memory)
-1 year warranty

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