For those of you 2.0/2.4 Dohc owners with BIG CAMS that want a better idle/air fuel ratio..

Rhodes Lifters for 2.0/2.4 Neon/SRT4/PT Cruiser/Stratus
Rhodes Lifters for 2.0/2.4 Neon/SRT4/PT Cruiser/Stratus


You have a 2.0/2.4 DOHC Neon/Stratus/Breeze/PT Cruiser/Neon SRT4 and you have BIG cams.

You’re making BIG power on the top end, but your car barely idles, and dumps fuel at idle, and runs like crap below 2500 rpms.


Rhoads lifters. This product, has a dual stage design that allows for more vacuum at idle, making your cars idle better, runs leaner for better gas mileage, and makes your car idle correctly.

At the top end of the rpm range, these lifters turn hard and make it so that you dont lose any power on the top end.

This allows you to have HUGE top end power, without killing off the lower end power.

These are manufactured with brand new Mopar lifters, and are sold in sets of 16.

This product will be listed on our website shortly.

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