Using higher wattage headlight bulbs in your car..

So you want to increase the light output of your headlights to light up the road better.

One way you can do that, is by adding a set of driving lights, or fog lights.

Another thing you can do, is change the headlights, or headlight bulbs. For todays discussion, we are going to talk about changing headlight bulbs.

Now, most OEM headlight bulbs are like 50 watts. You can generally change headlight bulbs by about 20% with no problems, but 30% and higher and you could have melted plugs, and or a fire hazard.

If you have already installed a set of higher wattage headlight bulbs and are having issues with flickering lights, or lights sometimes not coming on, its most likely due to a melted headlight plug.

Luckily, sometimes the dealership will offer replacement headlight pigtails, and sometimes you can buy them in the aftermarket by searching for your headlight bulb type and “headlight pigtail”.

So, morale of our story, is be careful with higher wattage bulbs than OEM bulbs in your car.

Written by Modern Performance

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