12.5:1 2.4 JE custom pistons VS OEM pistons for Dodge/Plymouth Neon 2.4 engine swaps

We thought we’d share some weights and photos of the OEM pistons vs our new custom made JE 12.5:1compression pistons.

These pistons are designed for use in the 1995-2001 EDZ motor out of the Dodge Stratus, Breeze, Caravan, and PT Cruiser that 1995-1999 Neon guys commonly swap into their cars. This swap is also done in the 2000-2002 Neon, the 03-05 Neon uses a different computer that is not compatible with this engine.

In the photos below, we are showing you the weights of the stock piston vs our custom JE piston.

Stock piston: 9.4:1
Pressed in wrist pin, and Full face/skirt design

JE custom piston: 12.5:1

Floating wrist pin, Asymmetric reduced skirt design

Difference between the stock and aftermarket pistons? The aftermarket JE pistons are about 4% heavier, HOWEVER, they have a reduced piston skirt design that reduces drag, and the JE pistons use a floating wrist pin that reduces drag on the piston and rod when the piston is rotating in the block bore.

To find out more about the pistons we offer for the EDZ 2.4 motor, please visit our 2.4 swap section of engine parts.

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