Advantages of using coatings on engine bearings/pistons

Inside an engine, you have aluminum pistons coated in a sheen of oil spinning at high rpms in a iron block.
The iron crankshaft, spins at high rpms inside of bearings.

Now, oil lubricates, and reduces friction and wear on the piston skirts and cylinder walls.

But, there is room for improvement.

Pistons and bearings can now be coated in a thin film that is very slick, that reduces friction, and reduces drag on the motor.
This same film increases the life of the motor, and in case of oil circulation problems, it can prevent catastrophic damage.

This is not a gimmick, its a proven technology, and more and more engines are now factory assembled with pistons skirt coatings. This is because oem manufacturers have realized the benefits of reduced friction/longer piston life.

Advantages of engine part coatings:

Provides intermittent dry lubrication, Not affected by dust or dirt, Low coefficient of friction, Increases load carrying capacity, Thin coating to accommodate assembly constraints, Chemical resistance, Corrosion protection, Reduced friction and drag resulting in decreased parasitic load
-Corrosion Protection
-Increased Lubricity
-Low Coefficient of Friction
-Oil and Fuel Resistant

Now, we offer coatings on many of the bearings and pistons we offer.

Photo of coated bearings and pistons that MP offers:
Coated engine bearings / Pistons

If you are interested in getting some coated bearings for your Dodge/Plymouth Neon/ Dodge SRT-4, contact us!

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