Installing a new clutch into your 03-05 Neon SRT4 and the bolt holes arent lining up with the clutch?

PROBLEM: You have a 2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 and your installing a new clutch. The clutch you have wont mate up to the flywheel already mounted to the crankshaft.

This seems to be a problem we’re encountering more and more, and its caused by the following scenario.

A previous owner installed a ACT or a Clutchmasters aluminum flywheel clutch into your Neon SRT4. The ACT/Clutchmasters aluminum flywheel clutch uses a NONMODULAR aluminum flywheel that replaces the factory flexplate. Most other SRT4 clutches are modular, and so if you dont realize that your looking at a ACT flywheel and not a factory flexplate, you wont be able to tell why the modular clutch you now have wont mount to the nonmodular ACT flywheel.

If you read what we typed above and didnt understand, heres a breakdown of how a ACT clutch mounts to the engine, and how most other clutches mount to the engine.

ACT clutch (Or the Clutchmasters clutch with aluminum flywheel) (from passenger side to drivers side orientation)
Crankshaft / ACT flywheel / ACT Clutch
Crankshaft / Clutchmasters WITH aluminum flywheel / Clutchmasters clutch

All other clutches

Crankshaft / Flex plate / Driveplate backing / Modular clutch

SO, the solution to install a modular clutch BACK into your car once its already been converted, is to get another factory flex plate, driveplate backing and all of the neccesary bolts.

Heres what you’ll see if the ACT flywheel is mounted to your engines crankshaft. Notice there is 9 different mounting points for the ACT clutch to flywheel
Neon SRT4 ACT Flywheel

Heres what the back of a modular clutch looks like and the neccesary mounting points. Notice theres 4 mounting points.
Neon SRT4 stock clutch

We hope that helps explain this common problem. In the next week and half, we will begin stocking Nonmodular to Modular conversion kits for those of you that eliminated your flexplate, driveplate backing and bolts to make converting BACK to factory style modular clutches easy.

Written by Modern Performance

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