Neon community – we need to save this car! 11/22/10

To all of the Neon community, and 1995-1999 Neon enthusiasts, we have a car thats about to be crushed.

There is a 1996 Dodge Neon Magenta ACR coupe in the Pick a Part junkyard on the north side of Houston, Texas. This is a REALLY RARE Race edition factory production car. This car came with big swaybars, the dohc hot engine, and is basically stripped of all unneccesary options to save weight. This car in the mid to late 90’s dominated the Autocrossing scene.

It recently arrived, and we would be deeply saddened to see this car crushed. It is nearly 100% intact other than missing battery and it still has the Black ARVIN struts, rear swaybar, dohc muffler, dohc engine, and the sport wheels.

PLEASE NOTE: this was published 11/22/10 and if your reading this article months, and or years from 11-22-10 this car is probably gone, and or hopefully bought by its new owner.


Here is the details on the junkyard:
1100 Northville Road
Houston, TX 77038

Phone: 281-448-8897
Toll Free: 800-675-5924
Fax: 281-999-2452

NOTE: This junkyard typically will not sell a whole car. But if you offer them a reasonable amount and have cash we think they’ll sell this whole car.

Written by Modern Performance

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