MP meet coming up! 11/10/2012 – Split day, 10-2pm at MP, 2pm+ at FWD Performance for Dyno day.

OK MP fans, we’re announcing our next MP meet!


9531 Townpark Dr
Houston Texas 77036

We’ll have a MP meet from 10am-2pm, and a special appearance by Doug Wind with the MP sponsored race car from South Carolina!

Then, after we hang out, have our car show we’ll caravan over to Cindy’s place at FWD Performance for her Dyno day.

FWD Performance
299 Riley-Fuzzell Rd
Spring, Texas 77373

Put it on your calendar and dont miss out!

For those of you that havent been to a MP meet before, check out pics at the below links:

MP Meet 5/5/12 Part 1

MP Meet 5/5/12 Part 2

MP Meet 4/30/12 Part 1

MP Meet 4/30/12 Part 2

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