Its a sad day to see a first gen Neon we worked on, in the junkyard soon to be crushed.

Back in 2018, our employee Charles bought a first gen 1997 Neon white coupe from another Neon enthusiast. This Neon was a manual, 2.4 swapped engine from a 2001 PT Cruiser, with some mild bolt on parts. Charles helped finish the car and get it running and on the road. He then sold it to a friend of a friend. Here are photos from our earlier blog post in 2018:

More photos and details in our blog post here:

Fast forward only a year later and we found out the previous owner had some electrical issues and was stranded at one point. The owner gave up on the car, and dropped it off at a junkyard to be crushed. It still seemed complete from when it was sold to him, except the body was in worse shape.

So, we did what any crazy Neon enthusiast would do. We tried to buy the car complete, and they wouldn’t sell it to us.

So, we went and pulled the following parts off the car:

Complete longblock with new alternator, new air conditioning compressor, Raceland coilovers, Dash pieces, Rear disc brake setup and more.

This longblock was recently rebuilt with stock compression pistons, new bearings and gaskets, and it also had the SRT4 oiling system on it.

Its really sad to see a white coupe 97 Neon that will soon be crushed, but fortunately, we already have multiple Neons lined up that will be benefiting from all of these parts.

Written by Modern Performance

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