Alex’s old 98 Neon ACR with 2.4 swap is coming along great!

Around mid 2017 we bought Alex Lopez’s 1998 Plymouth Neon ACR.

Since we bought the car, we have swapped to the AMM manifold, put on a longer throttle cable and went from a 60mm throttle body to a 55 for better driveability, installed a custom second gen power steering system, did some cleaning up under the hood, and installed a hood lift kit. Sorry for the dark pictures, but check out how great its looking!

Second gen power steering and AC system with automatic belt tensioner system installed on 1998 Dodge Neon ACR with 2.4 swap.

Progress! We recently bought Alex Lopez’s 1998 Neon with 2.4 Swap. It came with a built motor but no power steering and we wanted power steering. So, we gave it some thought and decided to go ahead and figure out a way to install the automatic belt tensioner system and second gen power steering pump and reservoir. We really like how the second gen power steering system has the reservoir built in, which allows for more room behind the motor, and no power steering lines running back and forth around the cam gears to the reservoir.

Our goal is to later offer the necessary brackets for you to be able to install the second gen pump and reservoir in your first gen.

So, here is our first startup video. You’ll hear a high pitch vacuum leak, this is from the throttle body, please disregard that noise and just check out the sweetness of the power steering on our high compression 2.4 swap.

Next up we are going to be putting in a lightweight and smaller battery to make room for the air intake system.

Cory's 1998 Dodge Neon ACR with 2.4 Swap and 2gn belt tensioner/power steering system from on Vimeo.

13-16 Dodge Dart owners with broken reverse lockout cables – we have replacements available with quick shipping!

If you own a 2013-2016 Dodge Dart and all of a sudden cant get your car into reverse, chances are good the reverse lockout cable has broken. Once the cable breaks, you wont be able to lift the lockout on the shifter, and you’ll either need to replace the lockout cable.

We have these in stock ready for immediate shipment, and we have quick delivery options in case you want it ASAP. Click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

Rob’s 1998 Dodge Neon Coupe with SRT-4 engine swap.

Ok, this is the real definition of a project car, or work in progress.
Its rough, but frankly we love it.

This is owned by Rob A from Houston, TX. It started life as a platinum coupe and at some point someone painted it a candy blue color.

Its a full SRT-4 swap EXCEPT it has the T350 Neon trans.

Not much interior! Probably a solid 90 lbs of weight savings from all the carpet, spare tire, speakers, seats being gone.

This Neon has a driver side feed and return intercooler, we havent seen intercooler piping on a first gen Neon run like this in a while, but it works!

Rony from Belize sent in a photo of his Neon SRT-4 to us.

Rony from Belize, a country in Central America next to Mexico and close to Cuba, sent in photos of his white SRT-4 to us.
How amazing is it, that Neon SRT-4’s get exported all over the world.

Rony told us this SRT4 was exported from the USA in 2007, and he bought it in 2009. It was originally a US market car.

Check out this SRT-4 in tropical paradise!

Vince got some floor mats from Canada for his 95 Neon ACR coupe.

Its difficult to find good condition floor mats for 95-99 Neons in 2017.

Let alone, 1995-1996 Neon floor mats as they are more rare.

Anyways, Vince needed floor mats for his 95 Neon with light colored interior, and he found a set in Canada! So, shipping cost like twice what the floor mats cost, but he got a cherry set of floor mats for the 95!

Check out the mats!

Hurricane Harvey 8/27/2017. MP was closed 8/28/17 and 8/29/17 due to lots of flooding.

Hurricane Harvey hit the southern coast of Texas on 8/26/2017-8/29/2017.

We had record amounts of water inundate lots of the coastline, and Houston, TX where we are located had record amounts of flooding.

Over 30,000 homes flooded.

Almost every major highway around Houston flooded. Many surface roads flooded, and people were trapped in their neighborhoods. Thousands of people had to be rescued by boats as the rising waters in their houses made it unsafe.

Luckily, MP was not affected other than some slight water that got into our warehouse.  Two of our employees houses flooded, and instead of our usual 15-20 minute drive to work, because we had to take back roads, our drive times to MP would take 35-45 minutes.

A lot of other Houstonians were not as fortunate as us, last we heard about 15 people died, and even a few days later many Houstonians are without food, and their homes, cars, businesses’s are destroyed.


Vince cant stop returning to Neons! He just bought this 95 ACR from Mike Volkmann.

Our employee Vince has owned several first gen Neons now. He just bought this 1995 Neon ACR over last weekend.

Iceman air intake
2.0 Dohc
Mopar header
Mopar Extra high rate springs
Arvin struts
Mopar computer
Mopar trunk mat
MPx front lip
Export front and rear lights

195,000 miles!

Aggressive rear camber setting for race use!

Northern guys please stop drooling on your keyboards because of this awesome clean, very little rust underside!

Mopar header

Leave a Neon in the Texas heat for many years and it will melt. Literally.

Export rear taillights, SCCA stickers, and melting Neon badges!

I just added an air intake, exhaust, downpipe, etc to my 03-05 Dodge SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4 do I need to get a tune?

This is a common question for us at

Customers with 2003/2004/2005 Dodge SRT-4’s will add an air intake, downpipe, exhaust, turn up the boost with a boost controller, or other minor mod and think they have to tune for each mod.

Whenever customers think they need a tune for each mod, it means one of two things for us: 1) These are new owners that have never modified a car before and are just being precautious 2) These customers previously owned a Subaru, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, etc car that uses a mass air flow sensor.

All cars use either a Mass air flow sensor or a speed density map pressure sensor type sensor to determine how much air is flowing into the motor. In the photo below you can see a mass air flow sensor on a 2008-10 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo.

For cars with mass air flow sensors, they cannot accurately adjust for changes made, and so generally they will require a new computer tune for each mod done (intake, exhaust, downpipe, intercooler, etc).

For cars with map sensors like just about every Chrysler made, they will automatically adjust for each mod you do and for the most part dont need a tune unless you do a major mod like change injectors or change the turbo.

Using higher wattage headlight bulbs in your car..

So you want to increase the light output of your headlights to light up the road better.

One way you can do that, is by adding a set of driving lights, or fog lights.

Another thing you can do, is change the headlights, or headlight bulbs. For todays discussion, we are going to talk about changing headlight bulbs.

Now, most OEM headlight bulbs are like 50 watts. You can generally change headlight bulbs by about 20% with no problems, but 30% and higher and you could have melted plugs, and or a fire hazard.

If you have already installed a set of higher wattage headlight bulbs and are having issues with flickering lights, or lights sometimes not coming on, its most likely due to a melted headlight plug.

Luckily, sometimes the dealership will offer replacement headlight pigtails, and sometimes you can buy them in the aftermarket by searching for your headlight bulb type and “headlight pigtail”.

So, morale of our story, is be careful with higher wattage bulbs than OEM bulbs in your car.